Produced for my amazingly talented brother Brenin Edmunds.

He has a lot going on these days;
from cohosting the Angry Unicorn Twitch Stream, to releasing a brand new album release with his band Carbon Dallas called Elements (get the reference?), while maintaining his solo music with pop songs like this one, rap, rock and everything in between. Being a Dad and working at PlayStation support to keep it all a Float. (Important to note: this is not without the support of his equally brilliant and amazing partner Laura who mains the Angry Unicorn Stream and ads all the libs)

Brenin not surprisingly, was the reason I left my corporate job back in May of 2019 to return to the art world; after he and Laura did the same. They continue to inspire people to pursue their passions, mainly through the Angry Unicorn Twitch Stream and the incredible community that has come out of it. Check it out for some free business coaching, laughs and possibly some feels :). 

This video was my first time touching the 3D controls in After Effects. I’ve been intimidated and snuck by them until now. But I am always doing my best to stretch and grow and decided to go for it. This style of lyric video is done by laying out all the text layers in 3D space and then moving and rotating a camera from word to word in sync with the music. Pretty time consuming! This as opposed to my previous lyric videos where I’d have a static camera and move the 2D elements on and off screen in sync with the music. So with this under my belt I am a little more comfortable with 3D, more to come! 

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