Series of 19 Animated Intros and Outros commissioned for Beanstalk Creative as a supplement to full length instructional SHSM videos.

Motion Graphics by KamerynART in collaboration with the amazing Aideesea who provided the art assets and frame by frame animations.

SHSM E01 – Agriculture

SHSM E02 – Arts & Culture

SHSM E03 – Aviation

SHSM E04 – Business

SHSM E05 – Construction

SHSM E06 – Energy

SHSM E07 – Environment

SHSM E08 – Food Processing

SHSM E09 – Forestry

SHSM E10 – Health

SHSM E11 – Horticulture

SHSM E12 – Hospitality


SHSM E14 – Justice

SHSM E15 – Manufacturing

SHSM E16 – Mining

SHSM E17 – Non-Profit

SHSM E18 – Sports

SHSM E19 – Transportation

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